Top Attractions in Macau

MACAU is one of the most popular holiday destinations where one and all can just relax and enjoy right from lazing on the beautiful beaches of Coloane Island to winning and dinning across a very vast global spread of cuisine, Western / Continental / Chinese/ Asian / Indian / Portuguese and just name any of it. It’s all there. If you have the money well it is here at Cotai Island that you find the world’s most genuine casinos to double it or even blow it off. For the Quiet Wanderers there are numerous museums that display a large variety of artifacts and art work showcasing the cultural heritage of the East and West alike apart from telling you all about the genesis of Macau and its transformation of the beautiful place it is today.

Located at the South Eastern tip of China this (SAR) special administrative region of China is a 27 Sq Km peninsula with its conjoined islands. Taipa, Cotai and Coloane located further south and now connected by a landfill called the Cotai strip. Taipa and Coloane are connected to Macau by two bridges. Whereas the central region is more traditional and is home to its ancient history with city ruins, St Pauls Church, Moute fort etc. The southern region a fair part of which is on reclained land as the modern luxurious hotels that house huge casinos and museums.

Taipa and Coloane, the two islands provide you with all the thrills and spills like the sea side bathing areas of Hac Sa Bay and Bamboo Bay or a race course club called Jockeys club where you can bet on horse racing.

It is truly the “Vegas of East Asia”.


1. Venetian Hotel & Casino


This place is more of a mini township as calling a place built over almost 10 million Sq. meters just a hotel would be an understatement. More over the layout and architecture it presents keeps you awe struck with the jaw dropped. There are three meandering real canals with flowing water and gondolas carrying tourists from shop to shop. The roof is painted and litup like the setting sun skyline. Restaurants and shopping arcades offer a never ending business of all sorts. About 3000 residential suites are available within the hotel and huge casinos occupying almost half the hotel area are packed with gamblers every evening. You even have an onsite medical and plastic surgery clinic. It is said to be one of the world’s 10 largest buildings in the world.

2. Ruins of St. Paul Church

This early 17th Century Jesuit Church is indeed on imposing treasure of Macau. The overwhelming façade still stands undaunted despite the fierce fire of 1835 and weathering over the centuries.

Completed by the exiled Christians from Japan and Chinese craftsman in 1602 it was abandoned in 1762 and the military had stationed one of its units here.

The main attraction out here is the architectural features that are still visible and speak volumes of the cultural heritage of those times. Depicting all this are status and murals of the dove (the holy spirit), Statue of Virgin Mary with infant Jesus, the crucification story with crown of thorns, the whip, nails, ladder and the holy cross. A place that carries lots more than just religious sentiments and is worth a visit.

3.A-Ma Cultural Village

Spread of 7000 of sq m this complex is located at the Coloane Island of Macau. The main features of this complex are the staue of Goddess A-Ma and the Tian Hou Palace. This place is mostly visited by devotees of Goddess A-Ma (sea Goddess) and some interested tourists.

Statue of Goddess A-Ma

This 19.99 m tall statue carved in 120 pies of white marble is a masterpiece perched on the top of Macau peak of Dieshi Mountain overlooking the entire city and into the sea. The face is carved out of one huge piece.

Tian Hou Palace

This palace is built with wood and stone with golden colored glazed tiles and exquisite decorations carved and embedded in the gates and beams. The paths leading to the main hall are neatly paved and staircases embedded with auspicious blue stones. Huge figures of carved lions from solid rock guard the entrance to the palace.The hall has a 3.8 m tall statue of Goddess A-Ma.

4. Macau Tower

This is another icon structure of Macau standing tall at 338 meters above ground level. It is said to be the tenth highest tower of the world at the time of construction 2001. It has an outdoor observation sky walk without railings on level 61 at 223 meters. A Panoramic breathtaking 360° view of Macau and its islands is indeed a treat to the eyes from here. There is also an observation lounge with an ice cream parlour at level 58 from where you can enjoy a safer 360° fascinating view. The observation deck has a fee of MOP 135 for adults with a 50% concession for senior citizens (65 yrs) and children (3-11 yrs)/ It is open to public between 10 AM and 9 PM on all days.

The tower offers plenty of entertainment, adventure, dining and wining. You have one of the highest bungee jumping adventure at 223 meters. A 100 meter tall mast can be climbed that takes you to the top of the tower.

The tower has a grand facility for holding conferences and trade fares on level 4 & 2 respectively with an open terrace on level 4 for holding cocktail parties and private functions.

Level 4 also has a huge 500 seat auditorium for watching the latest movies with the facility of simultaneous interpretation in 3 different languages. A must visit place.

5. The house of dancing  water

A one of its kind in the world, the house of dancing water  is a pool that holds 3.7 million gallons of water and stages a stunning show of gravity defying acrobatics and stunts by performers who keep you perched on the edge of your seats with the ‘wow’ feeling for the entire 85 minutes that the show lasts. It is an amazing experience that you would want to rewind over and over again.

Place – Cotai island, Showtime: 5pm and 8pm daily.

Fee: children 406 MOP other 700-1000 MOP, VIP – 1400 MOP

6. Macau Museum

A place of interest mainly for those inclined to gain knowledge about Chinese and western valuable culture. It is a fairly big museum that houses cultural relies and art work such as Chinese calligraphy, paintings, seals, pottery, copperware and porcelain. Some collections include unearthed potteries & stoneware from the black sand sales and artifacts of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). Some 19th century photographs are a treasure to be watched. The 5 story building has two exhibition halls and 5 galleries housing different exhibits of Chinese and western culture. There are European wooden murals depicting life in Macau. The museum also has gift shops, lecture halls with modern projection system. The basement has an impressive multimedia library, a workshop and an exhibition hall.

Entry fee: – 5 MOP (free for children & senior citizens)

: – free on Sundays & holidays. Monday closed

Timing: – 2pm-7pm

Gift shop: – 10:30am to 7pm

7. House of Magic

One of the world’s greatest magicians takes you through a spell binding tour of uninterrupted 90 minutes of magical moments. Three separate magic shows are held in 3 theaters. Two theaters of 150 seats each will put you through some grate illusionary moments followed by the grand finale in the 300 seat main theater. ‘The House Of Magic’ open 7 days a week three shows of 90 min each.

Plan I – 2 PM, 4 PM, 6 PM and 8:30 PM. ( 4 PM show is only n Saturday and Sunday )

Fee –  USD 58

Concession for kids up to 12 yrs and Senior Citizen above 60 yrs. Book seats on line. Studio City Macau                       at 2 PM, 4 PM, 6 PM and 8:30 PM. ( 4 PM show is only n Saturday and Sunday ).

Plan II – Magic & Dine : 4 PM, 6 PM and 8:30 PM

Fee –  USD 70 Per Person.

8. The Giant Ferris Wheel

This is the world’s largest figure of 8 shaped Ferries wheel taking you to a height of 130 meters above the ground. It has 17 exquisitely designed cabins that are more than just comfortable and can accommodate 10 people. The thrills that you derive from a ride of this ferries wheel remain a life time memorable experience that you would love to relieve over and over again.

Important Information

Children Below 2 yrs have a free entry but must be accompanied by an adult.

Time Monday – Friday 12 pm to 8 pm

Saturday & Sundays plus public holidays 11 am – 9 pm. Location Macau-Cotai highway. Shin Ho Ying Hui Hotel.

  • Height Restrictions

Adults 100-195 cm only

Children between 100-140 cm must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Pregnant travelers & those weighing over 136 Kg. should not participate in the Led Batman experience.
  • Keep your passport number handy while booking the tickets online without passport number your ticket is invalid.

9. The 3D show at Science Center

Feast your eyes to a Ultra high definition (8000 x 8000) pixel resolution 3D display in this 15m dia silver domed planetarium. The 3D projection systems with such high resolution is only the third one in the whole world. There are five levels packed with exhibits giving you a stunning insight of the marvels of science linked to environment evolution of earth, light and sound, food and minerals, robotics etc. Live demos of super microwave, Liquid nitrogen, a molecular kitchen and some magical science experiments.

Fee : 25 MOP Standard

50 MOP for 2D Omnimax

65 MOP for 3D Omnimax

Concession for children and senior citizens.

10. Kid’s City

Located in the City of Dreams complex this is the ultimate place kids would like to stay whole day. The complex has four hotels and a casino plus dining area, shopping and the dancing water show. At level 4 this kids city offers a 17000 sq. ft plus area for safe endless entertainment indoors with numerous slides and climbing equipments plus DO IT YOURSELF arts and craft tools for practicing your creative skills.

The place is open from 10 AM to 11 PM at night and entry fee is USD 150 for one kid (age 1-17) plus one adult for two hours.

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