Top Attractions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most popular family destination of the world. Located close to the South China Sea it is a special administrative region (SAR) of the peoples of republic of china.

The main islands are Hong Kong and Kowloon where as in the newly developed region there are over 250 small and medium sized islands. With a view to provide a hassle free visit Hong Kong offer a visa free access for citizens of over 170 countries. The duration of stay range from 7 to 180 days depending upon your passport nationality.

Hong Kong has come a long way from a modest fishing town in the 19th century to a very modern city with high rise and world class amenities and transportation system. It is in fact a very rich mix of the western and ester culture.  Keeping the attraction of tourists in mind the administration has maintained the place in the most appropriate manner in terms of cleanliness, beautification of park and avenues, choice of transportation with a very friendly and helpful street staff, mouth watering eateries, children friendly entertainment parks, decorated shoppers paradise and well  maintained historical temples monasteries:

The most attractive location being the Disneyland park where kids love to interact with live popular cartoon book characters like Donald duck, Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, Pluto and the like.

In short, the most popular visiting site at Hong Kong are Victoria harbor, Disney Land Park, Victoria peek, Lantau Island, ocean park and repulse bay.

The best time to visit is between October and December though you can visit Hong Kong any time of the year if you can stand the severe cold during January to March or the hot and humid climate during May to September. The toughest time could be June to October when you could witness typhoons and fairly wet climate.

Some of the best tourist attractions in Hong Kong


This is the first place all tourists head for, to have the most amazing panoramic view of Hong Kong, its Victoria harbour the beautiful meandering water ways stretching up to the far distance where the lush green hills lie on the new territories.

There are a number of view points right from the top most Peak Tower and Peak Galleria, Lions view point and Lugard road lookout point. There are even some eateries and shopping areas along the almost 3 km long circular walk, that circumvents the cliffs. You may check the weather fore cast as the cliff area gets foggy and prevents you from enjoying the sight of ocean of sky scrapers below. The way to reach the top depends on your choice and physical fitness. The famous historical peak tram gives you a memorable ride with amazing angular views of the cliffs and the city below. The train has been operating for the past 120 years as the oldest railway system. The train charge only HK$ 40 for adult and HK$ 18for kids and senior citizens for a round trip and is available every 10-15 minutes from 7 am till midnight.



Victoria harbour is a very busy place and the way ships & boats, big & small seemingly heading for a head on collision glide past each other is a sight in itself to watch. Every few minutes ferries packed with tourists move out and get in, plying between the Kowloon peninsula & Hong Kong Island. Along the route between tsim sha tsui piers to won chai pier you get a great view of the dense cluster of sky scrapers while enjoying the cool breeze of the sea. This star ferry ride if taken during the evening hours around 8 pm give you a chance to see a colorful light show of water fountains one of the best shows you can ever witness as also the glittering skyline of the towers in central Hong Kong building.

You can take a short trip up to a central pier or a full round trip between the two islands lasting full 60 minutes of fun filled entertainment at a very reasonable fee

  • Short trip  – HK$ – 2.50 to 3.40
  • Round trip – HK$ – 68 during days, HK$ – 128 during night


This island is infact the place in Hong Kong where all you can enjoy on all fronts with full entertainment. Right from the famous Disney land to amusement park to sunny beaches as well as historical sites are just packed in one big bundle. The big Buddha (an understatement) perched on top of a hill is so big that you’ve got to see it to believe and coupled with it the Po-Lin monastery is indeed very exciting. You can reach here by taking the never ending flight of steps or the popular Nong Ping Cable car ride. The cable ride itself is very exciting with glass bottoms.

A ferry from the central pier 3/6 at Hong Kong Island or the MTR’S Tung Chug rail or even a bus ride could take you to this island for a day full of fun. The ferry charges are only 3.1 HK$


Competing with Disney Land in terms of entrainment is the Ocean Park that provides a variety of enjoyable activities for all ages and some have even commented that one day is just not enough to enjoy the whole of it.

Right from the mere breath talking scenic view it presents to the visitors along the beautiful coast line, you have an arena filled with the most exciting roller coaster rides and games that can keep you excited for hours. Then there is the zoo and the aquarium that houses the most beautiful animals and birds including the panda and the dolphin show. This place has also been fixed with a funicular that runs underground giving you exciting moments in the cable ride.

You can even take time to sit, relax and enjoy same of the most delicious sea food though at a slight higher cost which during a holiday is worth it.

The ocean park is very conveniently reachable by bus and tickets are available from the 7-eleven store or the MTR terminal or even at the central ferry pier.

  • Admission fee : Adult HK$ -380
  •                            : Kids & senior HK$ -193
  • Timing              :  1030 hrs to 1830 hrs


This is very similar to Waltz Disneyworld of America though at a much lower scale but in no way it is any less enjoyable. Infact it is action packed with all the characters of Disney land and the hospitality towards the kids and oldies is out of the world. Infact you can term it as the happiest and most happening place on earth. The space mountain and sleeping beauty castle are a true replica of the American version except for the downscale of its size but equally exciting.

The fire crackers pyrotechnics that not only fill the night sky with amazing patters and designs but dance across the horizon in classic style. The images of famous Disney characters are projected around the walls and turrets of the sleeping beauty castle all in a dancing sequence that keep a permanent smile on your kids face. Each gush of pyrotechnic flare and bang is closely followed by a huge wow and cheer from the crowds. This 30 minutes of shows is without a single dull moment with Disney songs filling the air nonstop. The best place to have a full view of this show is from main street area.You must check the timings of the show as this could change due to prevailing weather conditions and may even get cancelled without notice. You could plan for it on short notice.


Hong Kong has a place for every taste when it comes to shopping and eateries. This includes the full length of budgetary spectrum from the street stalls to the five star shopping arcades for the super rich. Some of the popular ones are included in the list below.


This place is very popular among tourist and locals alike as it is a night market with brightly lit colorful ado that makes the stalls of hawkers even more attractive from colorful display of clothing and accessories, electronic items and fast food of all tastes.


Located near the southern coast of Hong Kong island is an old fishing village, this market is famous for artifacts and decoration pieces for your house display cabinets, jewelry and variety of souvenirs. This market is characterized by bargaining power of the customers and you may end up getting the price down to 50% if you possess that bargaining acumen.


Keeping ladies first as the focus Tung Choi Street close to Mong Kok is indeed a womans shopping paradise as it has a plethora of women’s were scaling all verities of clothing and accessories. The stalls are so attractively decorated that it becomes impossible for you to move forward without a deep look.


A famous tourist haunt at Kowloon is the Tsim Sha Tsui cultural complex that offers both i.e. shopping as well as entertainment. Eateries are available in plenty with number of bar as well. It is indeed a ONE STOP SHOP, all in one hub. NATHAN ROAD runs through this area and has an array of some very fine restaurants and boutiques, plus you have a large group of vendors that line the streets with variety of cheep stuff. On the other hand you also have the fly high CANTON ROAD that has the best of high end luxury hotels and shops.


If you are looking for some exciting night life, well it is here that you will find plenty of it to fill your appetite. There are almost a hundred restaurants and bars offering a diverse range of multi cuisine. The large neon lighting boards having dazzlibg colors keep you staring in awe. This is one place you can unwind after a day’s boring official work or meetings like the local do.


Apart from the popular beach that the whole of Hong Kong visit frequently, this place has numerous high end hotels, dining areas as well as shopping houses that cater for all classes. If you are interested only in a quiet swim, well, Big Wave Bay will provide it in its calm and quiet waters where you can reach by a long walk via the Dragons Back Hike.

Shek ‘O’ beach is yet another location in this area where you can enjoy a whole day swimming on the beach as well as pamper your taste buds with delicious sea food in the restaurants in the area.

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